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About us

The Organization:

We are a not-for-profit company registered in England, conducting its business independent of government or other organizations. We are the first UK-based think tank dedicated to the Maldives. The main sources of finance to our budget are voluntary donations, funding for specific projects, and sponsorship. Our objectives are to contribute to the process of developing public policy in the Maldives, and, in doing so, to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country in turn. We aim to achieve these objectives by:

  1. researching into public policy in the Maldives to develop and promote policy ideas; and,
  2. disseminating research findings by publication and through events such as conferences, seminars, etc., to foster knowledge and debate in relevant areas.

The People:

The founding members of MaldivesResearch are a group of Maldivian academics based in England and the Maldives.  They are also the Trustees and Officers of MaldivesResearch.

The Rationale:

The need for research towards the development of public policy in any country is seen as a necessity. Such research is mainly provided by research institutions such as universities or think tanks.

The process of public policy formulation in the Maldives is based on consultation mainly among government departments, with private sector representatives now being increasingly invited to join in. But discussions are seldom based on research. Some international institutions (e.g. World Bank, IMF) provide limited policy inputs, largely through specific projects or as part of their mandatory obligations. No such authoritative input is available domestically due to the non-existence of public policy research institutions in the country. However, there have been limited instances in which the preparation of public policy documents were out-sourced.

The absence of research institutions in the Maldives therefore translates as a significant gap in the process of public policy development in the country. It is our belief that our entry into that process as a stakeholder and our contribution to the process will help close that gap. We hope that our initiative will act as a motivating factor to others to also join in the process of shaping public policy in the Maldives.

The Output:

We disseminate research findings by publication and through events. Our bi-annual Journal of Small Economies also publishes articles related to the development of small economies such as the Maldives, thus enabling us to attract relevant research findings thereby giving us the opportunity to apply best practices and draw lessons from elsewhere, which we may take into consideration in developing our own policies.

Our events, which are announced on our website, are designed to provide a platform for discussion of research findings in relevant areas.

How we may be of benefit to you; how you may contribute to us

You may have access to research findings that we normally disseminate by publication in hard copy or electronic form. You may also have an opportunity to gain research experience with us, to get your research articles published by us, or to present your findings at one of our events. You can also participate in our events to learn about research findings in areas of your interest and to make use of the opportunity for networking with other academics or officials in such areas.

You may contribute mainly in two ways: first, you may join us as a researcher, research assistant or help us in the organization of our events; second, you may make a financial contribution.

To join us as a researcher or research assistant, please send us an email, attaching your curriculum vitae, and indicating the nature of your interest.

Our Objects:

To undertake research into public policy development in the Maldives MaldivesResearch develops and promotes new policy ideas through research. This includes undertaking rigorous, and objective analysis of current trends and developments in the Maldives. Areas of research include, but are not limited to, economic, social, political and legal sectors. Our work will be independent and aimed at facilitating constructive solutions for public policy issues.

To disseminate research findings to foster knowledge and debate on public policy. MaldivesResearch publishes findings from work related to the developmental needs of the Maldives. MaldivesResearch disseminates results of public policy research through publication and organization of events such as conferences and seminars for discussion and debate. Such events will provide an independent forum for discussion and debate on public policy issues.


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