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Education Forum: Improving Education in the Maldives: Stakeholder Perspectives on the Maldivian Education Sector

Maldives Education Forum June 2012

Maldives Education Forum June 2012


Maldives Research will hold its first forum in the Maldives at Iskandhar School, Male’ on 30 June 2012. The conference theme is ‘Improving Education in the Maldives: Stakeholder Perspectives on the Maldivian Education Sector’ and keynote speaker, Dr. Hassan Hameed (Vice Chancellor, Maldives National University) and Professor Hassan Ugail (Trustee, Maldives Research; Director of Centre for Visual Computing, University of Bradford, UK) will address delegates. The event will be facilitated by  Mr. Ahmed Afaal (Trustee, Maldives Research and Managing Director of ADK Hospital, Maldives), Ms. Mariyam Shiuna (Event Leader, Doctoral Researcher, University of London) and Mr. Abdulla Salih (Event Co-ordinator).

In the forum, participants across the country will discuss and debate 10 important issues concerning educational governance, quality control, qualifications, the national curriculum, languages and the link between education and employability in business and industry.  The delegates totalling more than 50 will represent Male’ and atoll based educational institutions of pre-school to university levels, including community, public and private institutions.

Through the discussions, Maldives Research will gather the opinions of various education stakeholder groups on the current education system in the Maldives and plans to disseminate the findings in the form of an advisory policy report  to all stakeholders in the education sector, including the country’s policy makers.

Maldives Research, the organiser of the forum is an independent, non-political think tank registered in the Maldives and the UK, run by a group of Maldivian scholars based in the two countries.  The organisation’s main activities include researching and disseminating its findings on public policy developments in the Maldives. It also publishes the International Journal of Small Economies, a journal focussing on various public policy issues in a number of small and developing countries across the globe.

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Media Contacts: Ms. Mariyam Shiuna Mobile 7455565; Mr. Abdulla Salih on 7773854

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