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“Improving Education in the Maldives: Stakeholder Perspectives on the Maldivian Education Sector”

The aim of this forum is to gather the opinions of various education stakeholder groups on the current education system in the Maldives, focussing on various education-related topics of particular interest.

MaldivesResearch Workshop - June2012

MaldivesResearch Workshop - June2012

The event will provide a forum for public discussion on the education sector, kicking off a wider set of discussions on various public policy issues relevant to the Maldives. It will be free from political motives and discussions.

Following the forum, a report will be produced outlining the findings from the event, focussing on recommendations of how to improve the current education sector. The report will be provided to event participants, government officials and the Minister of Education.


Saturday, 30th June 2012, 9am-5pm

Male, Maldives

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