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Maldives Research Education Forum: June 2012

Topics and Questions

Education Forum Topics

Education Forum: Your views...

Topic 1: Education, Training and Industry: Does Education meet employer needs?
1A. Does the current secondary education provide the right skills and knowledge for business and industry in the Maldives? If not, what is missing from the current education system? How can the system be made more relevant to business needs?

1B. Should vocational education be further developed in the Maldives to provide practical work experience to students?

Topic 2: Quality Control and Qualifications in Education

2A. Is the quality control in education in the Maldives fit-for-purpose?

2B. How much is the information provided by MQA used by students, parents and employers?

Topic 3: School Curriculum

(Summary sheets on the proposed new national curriculum will be made available to support discussion.)
3A. Does the proposed new National School Curriculum meet the needs of young people and the Maldives?

3B. Should the school curriculum cover social issues of relevance to our country, such as politics, legal studies, religious, environmental, economic and social change?

Topic 4: Language in Education

4A. What should the language of instruction be in Schools – Dhivehi, English or Arabic, and why?

4B. Should educational institutions focus on teaching more foreign languages, and if so, at what age?

Topic 5: Governance and Management of Schools and Colleges

5A. Is Maldivian higher/further education and training competing with overseas offers in terms of quality and value for money?

5B. Do the current governance systems (eg:- school boards) in the education sector provide teachers, parents and students with sufficient opportunities to contribute to the running and decision making of education establishments?

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